Top Romantic Destinations in Africa

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Ahhh…February, the month of Valentines Day, heart-shaped candy, Love….and of course, travel! Many times. when people think of a romantic vacation, they imagine beaches, umbrella drinks and candlelit dinners. But they may not realize they can have all that and more in Africa. Imagine…a romantic journey through Africa, which includes thrilling wildlife safaris, secluded breath-taking beaches, majestic rocky mountain peak, deserts, marvelous heritage sites, and more! However, before giving you some of the top destinations you should consider for your romantic getaway, here is a piece of advice: choose a theme—for example, wildlife safaris, beach honeymoon, cultural and heritage honeymoon tour, etc. Then plan out your vacay based on that theme. Here is a list of our top honeymoon destinations to consider:

1. Praslin Island: Seychelles - Seychelles is a playground of 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean characterized by lush vegetation, the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna, rarefied resorts and exotic beaches among others. Praslin Island is a lesser-populated island with incredible and virtually untouched beaches like Gran Ansé as well as the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site once nicknamed the “real-life Garden of Eden” because of its abundance in incredible variety of plants and animals.

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2. Belo Sur Mer: Madagascar - Blending wildlife safari with beach fun, Belo Sur Mer is the destination that captures the essence of this double-barreled fun. Belo Sur Mer is a quiet fishing village on Madagascar’s western coast. Plan day-trips to get out and explore the island’s parks, while you complement the fun with a long solitary stroll on one of Madagascar’s gorgeous beaches and a dinner of fresh local seafood.

3. Island of Zanzibar: Tanzania - You can almost taste the spices in the air on the Island of Zanzibar! While a sizable part of Zanzibar is made up of beaches, the Island is also a historic place, with its Stone Town enjoying a UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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4. Cape Winelands: South Africa - rugged mountains and rolling vineyards make up the landscape of the Cape Winelands. The green valleys that make up the Winelands are wedged between scenic peaks and dotted by historic wineries and estates and you vacation here will be a leisurely exploration of South Africa’s charming historical wineries, and an opportunity to sample some of the cellars’ best vintages as you experience life in one of the world’s premier wine regions.

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5. Namib Rand Nature Reserve/Etosha National Park: Namibia – This romantic destination is also for the adventurous! Tilt the scale of romantic adventure by experience a quintessential African safari in Namibia. For an active daytime experience, go on a quad biking adventure or hike around the reserve for a breath-taking scenery. Etosha National Park on the other hand offers a pock-friendly wildlife safari and an opportunity to see the famous big five.

6. Tofo or Bazaruto Archipelago: Mozambique - Tofo is a sleepy town with rich ingredients for perfect honeymoon. It is nestled on a tranquil bay overlooking the Indian Ocean. Once a fishing village, Tofo is the world’s premier destination for swimming with whale sharks and mantra rays and also has one of the best beaches on the Mozambique coast. Bazaruto archipelago on the other hand is a chain of four islands strung out in the India Ocean, one of which is formerly called Paradise Island. Often described as one of Mozambique’s best honeymoon destination, the inhabited parts of Bazaruto archipelago are places to relax, to escape and to explore.

7. Masai Mara National Park: Kenya – For wildlife enthusiasts, consider the Masai Mara National Park, one of Kenya’s most popular parks, thronging with a stunning variety of animals including the famous “Big 5.” Have you ever heard about the world’s most awe-inspiring animal migration where thousands of ‘beasts’ move from a point to the other in almost a single sweep? The Masai Mara is where it happens. Truly a magnificent site…especially from a hot air balloon!

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8. Victoria Falls: Zambia - If you adore nature and want to spend your romantic getaway exploring its splendor, head to Victoria Falls. Home to a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, the Falls is where couples should choose to experience an array of activities ranging from canoeing, kayaking, to bungee jumping.

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