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Gone are the days when no-frills camping was the only way to see wildlife in Africa. Enter the world of “Glamping” – luxury camping experiences, which can be found at safaris all over Africa. These luxury safaris involve “roughing it” in plush tents or well-appointed cabins, some with private chefs, premium liquor, dramatic views, and pools. Many even have spas on site. Others offer guests cooking lessons or other workshops to enhance the safari experience. Another differentiating aspect of luxury lodging is the up-close-and-personal views of the wildlife. Depending on the area of Africa in which the safari is located, the range of animals may vary, but the experience with the game can be literally within reach.

While the services offered by these luxury operators are vast, you can rest assured that their carbon footprints are not. Many of these safaris have high land-to-guest ratios, which means the safari vehicles are much more endangered than the wildlife! These safaris strive for conservation and protection of the surrounding land and wildlife. Guests can even get involved with community conservation efforts, all while enjoying a three-course meal under the stars.

As with any lodging, amenities differ from safari to safari – from the middle of the road luxury to the super high-end luxury, with rates to match. But one thing is for certain, luxury operators offer an intimate experience with nature, all with a touch of glamour.

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