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Africa is known for its breathtaking landscape and diverse wildlife, and the best way to see it all is through a safari operator. There are so many to choose from and picking the right operator depends on the type of experience you want.

Selecting a Destination

To have an experience perfect for you, the first thing you will want to do is select a destination, which will depend largely on your interests, time of year you are planning your trip, budget, and expectations. Another important consideration is the type of wildlife you would like to see.

For example, if you want to see cheetahs, you may want to focus your search in the Eastern Cape. If you are looking to see a mix of leopards, elephants, lions, and zebras, maybe look in the Mpumalanga area. The beauty of safaris is that you can tailor them to your desires. The unforgettable journey begins with you!

Selecting a Safari

Once you select a destination, start looking for safari operatosr in that area. First and foremost, you want the operator to have substantial experience and knowledge. This will take some research. Visit operator websites, call the operators and ask questions, and read reviews on unbiased travel sites. Find out as much as you can. Some other important aspect to consider may be the services offered, their conservation efforts, and of course, the wildlife viewing opportunities. Here is a breakdown of the types of safaris from which to choose.

The original safari is the bush camp safari – these camps bring wildlife within reach, with only a sheet of canvas to separate you from them. They range from bare-bones to luxury, mobile or permanent.

Lodge safaris offer rustic, traditional adventures. You can choose to stay in a shared lodge or have an individual cabin to yourself. You will usually travel from lodge to lodge during your safari, but try to stay at least two nights at each lodge to get a deeper experience at each location.

If you are traveling with kids, you may want to focus your attention on family safaris. Many operators cater to families with children by having family-sized tents and child-centric tour guides.

Finally, you can have the safari/beach combo. At these safaris, after a long day of wildlife viewing, you can end your day at the beach. Of course, only certain locations offer this experienced – such Zanzibar, South Africa, Mozambique and the East African coasts.

Whatever your fancy, the choices of African safaris will not disappoint. If you know what you want, the safari experience will deliver.

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