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Family safaris are becoming more popular with an increase of outfitters catering to adults and children alike. While wildlife viewing is something all ages will enjoy, family safaris offer tour guides who can mentor children at their level. As children learn at different paces, these tour guides will tailor the safari experience to all different age groups.

Along with a “classroom” environment, family safaris offer early mealtimes for children. Everyone knows a hungry child can be a cranky child, so early mealtimes may be requested. Speaking of classrooms, children will have the opportunity to visit local schools and meet students and learn more about their culture and education. These visits enrich visitors’ and locals’ lives, and many leave with a new pen pal. Other activities such as swimming and visiting villages can be on the itinerary as well. For families with very young children, there are shorter safaris with more accessible areas. The number one priority is safety.

For the adventurous family, many safaris offer small camps with activities such as boating, fly camping and walking/hiking. These are for families with older children.

Safaris are for anyone of any age, but family-centric safaris allow children of all ages to fully absorb and engage in all that a safari has to offer.

When it comes to safaris, you can bring the entire family knowing there is something for everyone!

Call us to customize your Family getaway: 877-213-4800

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