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Stunning diversity is what comes to mind when picturing the African landscape. From climbing the frost white peaks of Kilmanjaro or delving deep into the canyons of the Great Rift Valley to exploring desert sand dunes or underwater treasures of Djibouti, the adventures are endless.


Mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, forests, and desserts make up the magnificent backdrop of Africa. Located in Tanzania, Kilmanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, and the world’s highest volcano. While the wildlife is as diverse as the land, the rocky terrain and lush rainforests and meadows take center stage. Truly some of the most magnificent sites to behold.

If it’s wildlife you seek, head to Volcanoes National Park to see the mountain gorillas. As its name suggests, the park is comprised of five volcanos. While breathtaking, visitors come to see some of the last remaining 880 mountain gorillas in the world – a once in a lifetime experience. Also, we cannot forget the numerous safari adventures that await you. Safaris are known to be the best way to see all types of African wildlife and the variety is endless.


Several areas of Africa offer not only land adventures, but aquatic as well. Water excursions are truly unparalleled with some of the most amazing natural phenomenas. One in particular is located just west of capital of Djibouti, called Lac Assal , which is a crater lake surrounded by inactive volcanoes. The crystal blue body of water is encompassed by an enormous salt field, which is then surrounded by black lava fields. The contrast is breathtaking.

For more aquatic thrill-seekers, the Gulf of Tadjoura offers various opportunities for whale-shark spotting and diving. Divers will be thrilled to find extensive coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds, and an abundance of pearl oysters. Those who dare can even swim with the whale sharks – harmless, graceful creatures that can grow to be longer than a train carriage.

From land to sea, the landscape of Africa knows no bounds.

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