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About Us

Established in 2007, Journeys Unforgettable is officially now ten years old, though we have been arranging these trips for over 30 years for friends and family to ensure the highest level of service and quality.


Our ‘Unforgettable Team’, a family originating from South Africa, includes travelers and adventurers just like you, with a passion for seeing new things, visiting new places and a love for the African wilderness. When you travel with Journeys Unforgettable, you can feel confident that we offer you the personalization, flexibility, geographical insight and first hand knowledge about the areas you will be visiting.  


Our signature photographic workshops have become highly sought after for our travelers, both from the USA and around the world.  Whether you are planning a personal safari, honeymoon, family or group trip, grandparent celebration, or special photographic adventure…we are known to have the expertise to arrange this “once in a lifetime” experience for you.

We are committed to planning unique and customized special interest wildlife safaris and trips to Africa and beyond. Your unforgettable experience is our commitment!

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